Hastening to Let You Know – Radius Has Released Updates

Not so long ago we reported that Radius messenger had been updated, and for now we have made it better again. This time we have added yet more news and interesting plugs to make the communication more comfortable.
Many users asked us for long when the possibility to create geo-chats on the messenger map would appear. At last, we are able to give you a joy, as for now everyone can create geo-chats of his/her favorite recreation places individually on Radius map.
We have also completely changed the “Settings” menu – the possibility to operate the sound notifications has appeared, besides, you can create a geo-chat of your favorite place on Radius map.
The messenger has become more convenient to use: massage bar has been changed – tab “Attachments” has been added; the possibility to send any files (sizing up to 10 Mb) and geolocations has appeared, the search by chats and “Favorite” places on the map has been added; for now, the context menu call is carried out from long tap.
Moreover, we have changed the location of editing and creation profiles – we have moved it to the left menu. We have also added the function of advertising your friends to Radius by any convenient way for you: Viber, Facebook, ВКонтакте, etc.
We have also changed our logo and hope you like it. We continue to work fruitfully on improving Radius messenger to surprise you by new interesting plugs in a short time.

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